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Life Changers Empowering Centre

3 Selborne Street, 



L8 1TX


As we benefit on the everlasting love of our Lord, We aim to Empower lives for positive change inspired by God's transforming Word. Our thanks goes to all who hear the leading of the Lord to Donate to the services we offer to our communities.


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Daily Treasure Devotional

Spend some time in God's word and Transform into His Glory. Let the word of God mould You.


Lets Join you in Praying for your Break-Through. Post your Prayer Request and believe God to work it out.

Woman of Today

Women Forum. Is the virtuous woman real? What does it take to be the woman of today? Post a chat on a woman of today


Men Issues. Lets talk about men. The place of men in Society. Understanding the boy, the fool and the King in the Man.


Post a question and your answer will be posted here. it will surprise you how many people you will help when you ask.
New Posts
  • Equal pay for equal work. It sounds so reasonable, it’s hard to believe that in 2016, we’re still talking about the gender pay gap. And yet the fact remains that there is no country in the world where women earn the same as men. One of the arguments used to explain – and sometimes justify – this stubborn gap is the idea of choice. Women simply choose to study less lucrative subjects, enter lower-paying professions and stay towards the bottom rungs of the career ladder. While these choices might give them shorter working hours and greater flexibility, it also negatively affects their earnings. The latest data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics does indeed show that women are under-represented in some of the highest-paying occupations. for more details: Blockchain Use Cases Thanks
  • Is there a good prayer for stupidity? Not that I want more stupidity, and I will live with what  I have, but is there a good prayer of warning not to use it to the extent I do sometimes? I am in such pain! I know better yet "stupid" takes over, and I  say so what that you are alone and the seven foot tall china hutch with the heavy glass doors is too much for one person to move never mind take out of the house. Get it out of the house and ready it for the trash truck if someone doesn't take it with it's FREE sign taped to it anyway. Just do it, go ahead. And I do. Then I painted three hundred sixty square feet of ceilings,  removed carpet tack tracking and base cove from two rooms, put a second coat of wall trim paint on two rooms. And; as I was bending over trying to get some extra paint on the area where the base cove had been, it happened. That old "I got ya!" lower back pain. Can't straighten up,  can't walk, can't take a shoe off, can't get to the pain pills- have to yell like an idiot a near dying groan to my bride for help.  Now I am in an upright chair, spouse has brought me a computer to play with. I am on the pills,  packed in ice and contemplating over fifty years of stupid. One with a once broken back,  and torn everything, probably shouldn't push the limits. It is stupid to do so thinking, hey this time I'll get by okay nothing will happen. Anyway it is obvious to me that I will never get smart regarding such things, and so I wonder, is there a good prayer for stupidity? Any help appreciated. I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. reference: Blockchain Application Examples Thanks
  • We lost a lot of good men back there, 'sarge. Some died face down in the muck, some got sniped off the chopper, some got ambushed during these hopeless reconnaissance missions the boys warned you about. We came here thinking we will find honor, the chance to do good, and perhaps even help preserve our way of life. Instead we found death, despair, darkness. But also camaraderie, persistence, valor. And this is why those of us left standing continue to press on. Lead the way, 'sarge. Hold onto your trusty rifle and join the fray, either on foot or atop a mighty piece of heavy death-dealing machinery. Become one of the unsung Men of Valor, trying to survive in the humid jungles of Vietnam that still echo with the voices of broken men and the terrifying pandemonium of chaotic battles. Then challenge your friends to join you and make their dog tags hit the mud in six different multiplayer modes taking place in vast 24-player maps. After all, it's not about who will win this famously controversial war. It's about who will have the most fun participating in it. for more details: Cashless Transaction Video Thanks!