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We would love to see you visit us to know more about us. One thing that is clear about Life changers Empowering Church is our desire to serve the Lord in serving others. We believe that in serving others we exercise our faith in God when we reach out to others in Love.



congregation at LC

Life Changers Ministry vision is inspired by 2 Cor 3:18

But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed in the same image from glory to glory, just as by the spirit of the Lord


To achieve our vision, we use the word of God as a Mirror to inspire Godly positive change in our beneficiaries with the aim of transferring the same glory to them. In aim of achieving this, we hold regular weekly services with teaching sermons and annual teaching conferences designed to edify, improve and transform in all aspects of life. 

Our vision is designed to empower beneficiaries with the ability to live a life that affects others positively. Like a light give off light to enable those around to see, so is the believer ought to be to those that come across him.

 Join us and help us make more people to be a light to their world.


What is your faith? How do you grow it? How do you use your faith? or Where is your faith? Faith helps us to realise and connect to things we can not see. Most often it is the drive behind the purpose of a pursue. 

 At LIFE CHANGERS, faith in Christ Jesus is the drive behind all we do. Our work is to grow the ministry by growing the believers' faith in Christ.

 Have you ever been part of something to see it grow? Have you ever given yourself, your time, your resources that something may come to life? or you hate getting your hands dirty and you love to jump on a finished venture free of struggle. 

Visions are not a one-man band and are not achieved overnight. Visions are built by many people as they add a brick at a time through the span of a generation. 

At Life Changers, we aim to build and achieve a vision in which communities are built, edified and transformed by the principles of Faith in Jesus Christ and God the Father of Our Lord. 

It takes faith to see a vision come into existence. Channel your faith constructively to live a legacy of your earthly life. 


To achieve our objectives, we carryout two different nature of activities designed to meet the needs in the community we serve. The Faith Activities and The Community Projects Activities.

In all what we do as a faith  based organisation, we aim at promoting community cohesion and tolerance. In achieving, we run these activities in our owned premises that works as a community hub in Toxteth area.

Faith Activities
Pastor innuguration

As you may have noticed by now, we are a Pentecostal Christian church. What we do as a Church is designed to reach out to the wider community in the aim of inspiring and empowering lives in the community and beyond with godly positive change.

As expected of a church, Our Main activities and events are of the faith based nature designed to promote and advance the Christian Faith. All our activities and events are inclusive to all people in the community willing to join. 

In the spirit of collaboration, for a scheduled time, we often offer our premises to others christian groups to hold their services.


Community Projects

Our church is situated in Toxteth, Liverpool, which is one of the highly deprived areas in the country. The community within the area, is of a wide multicultural ethnicity comprised mainly of Black, Asian and Arabian communities. The majority of the families in the area are of low earning incomes, with a high number depending on state benefits. Isolation and inter-community gaps are major apparent community problems that create deeper social problems. Though the area is closer to the city, there is very low business in the area with much student rented accommodations.

Currently, The highest age group in the area is of middle age and the youth following in second place. Church attendance is below average with female attendance out weighing male by a ratio of 6:1. Due to the history of the area, some areas still carry racial stigmas, though these are insignificantly undetectable.

community event

It is in such a deprived area, with such a diversified community that Life changers Empowering Centre aims to bring and inspire positive social change in the area. Our activities are aimed to reach out to the community with aim of reducing isolation, promoting social integration among communities and generations and raising cultural awareness to promote a sense of belonging for all residents in the area.

In achieving our objectives, we run inclusive community outreach projects that are designed to meet the Needs in the community. According to funding resource available, several different activities are hosted to target the young, the parents, the older and the elderly aimed at addressing community needs ranging from closing of inter-generational gaps to reduction of isolation among the elderly and minority cultural groups of refugees.

Due to the diversity of the community, we also host cultural projects aimed at creating a sense of belong to improve social integration in the community. 

soup kitchen

Life Changers Empowering Center holds food-banks to serve food to the community. Our food banks events are attended by low or none income earners that include asylum seekers, refugee, unemployed people and families on very low incomes. If you are interested in attending the food bank please contact us  07735031729 or 07784300949. Alternatively, click on the link below to below to register your interest here

Community Patnerships

  The community we serve is not limited to the location of our church premises, but we reach out to all beyond our area that can access us through media and other networks. Our beneficiaries come from near and beyond the boundaries of our locality and our arms are ever open to receive all who come to us. At different levels, Life Changers has worked in partnership relations with organisations and churches in the area to achieve communal objectives that meet the needs in the general community. We have previously worked with community organisations including Kensington Regeneration, Fareshare, UCAL (Uganda community association Liverpool), Faith groups like churches together in Toxteth, The ixthus sheepfold in Edmonton, London, and many others. It is the practice of Life Changers Empowering Ministry to open its arms of fellowship to all who further the Gospel of Jesus Christ and are willing to contribute to the good of the community.

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