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Our team is comprised of people who love to see positive change in others. The members of our team, love to care for peoples. Though they come from different backgrounds life and professions, caring for others is one of the things they have in common. When you meet the team be ready to be pampered with care   

At Life changers we are one body working together in one spirit aiming to fulfill the works of God in the earth. We work together for a common goal of meeting the spiritual need of all who come to benefit from the services offered in Life Changers Empowering Center. We are proud of our team spirit that is evident of the unity inspired by the word of God. Here below are a few of our team members that stand in the gap to serve others.

Pastor Daniel Kavuma

Senior Pastor and Founder

O: 0151 306 3009 |

M: 07784300949

Pastor Daniel Kavuma, is the senior pastor at Life Changers Empowering Center. He oversees most of the running of the church and organisation. He ministers the word of God with the passion for Christ. By the grace of God, his teaching ministry is centered at edifying the listener with the word of God's grace aimed at empowering hearer with positive change. We encourage you to come, test and see God working through His servant to touch live.

Mrs. Sarah K. Kavuma

Administrator and Praise & Worship Minister

O: 0151 306 3009 |

M: 07735031729

Mrs. Sarah Kavuma, is married and a mother of four beautiful children. In addition to a demanding family life, Mrs Kavuma runs the administration activities of the church. She has a deep passion for worship and prayer which she extends to share with the church family in praise and worship. Her Gentle approach to ministry touches hearts draws and feels the atmosphere with the presence of God. 

Ms Josephine Kizito

Operations Officer​

O: 0151 306 3009 |

M: 07365 900 263

Ms Josephine Kizito, is our Operations officer entrusted with the duty to mobilize our team into action. She passionately loves the Lord and she is a hard working enthusiastic member of our team with a passion and desire to see successful progress of God's work. Ms Josephine, helps the team to meet its intended action plan. Her people skills and creativity are helpful in bringing the team together. 

Ms Milly Mukisa

Intercessory Team

O: 0151 306 3009 |


Ms Milly Mukisa, is a vibrate spiritual woman with deep love for the Lord. She is a gifted intercessor with a heart of praying to God for the change in situation of other people's lives. Her godly passion infectiously infiltrates. Ms Milly has experienced God's grace in different encounters in her life that has over the time persuaded are faith in the Lord. With this faith she reaches out to the vulnerable in the community to pray for change in their situations. 

Ms. Justin Kigozi

Community outreach

O: 0151 306 3009 |


Ms Justin Kigozi, is a friendly, creative, brilliantly enthusiastic person with qualities that exceptionally standout when she sets out to achieve her goals. With her God loving and charitable spirit, She works with various charities locally and internationally to impact lives with positive social change. From working with disabled people in Uganda to campaigne for resources for disability people in communities, to the raising awareness of mental disabilities, Ms Justin has gone the distance in the aim of bringing comfort and acceptance of the deprived in communities. Her services in Life changers have been of great encouragement to many as she endevours to advise and sign post people in pursuit of their careers.

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