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At Life Changers Empowering Centre, we’re dedicated to enhancing the lives of residents in the Liverpool community.  Our wide range of enriching activities and programs are aimed at tackling the local needs in the area of our operations. Our programs have been designed to be socially inclusive and educationally inspiring to engage community members of all ages. Though we operate in a challenging deprived area of Princes Ward in Toxteth, since our inception in 2005, we have always dedicated our efforts to finding solution-based programs that meet the local needs of the local people in Toxteth. Our members and local people have benefited from our variety of programs, and we’re happy to offer options for everyone to enjoy. Check out everything we have to offer and swing by for a visit today!


Food-Share Community Project

FOOD-SHARE Community Project is a food poverty tackling program designed to supply and deliver food resources to beneficiaries in the locality of Liverpool. In the time of COVID-19 Crisis, this Project has been of great benefit to many people as most families are financially overstretched due to lack of paid work. In running the program, we collect donated food resources from stores like TESCOS Stores in Liverpool and delivers it to our packaging and sorting centre to be prepared for redistribution. From there we transport the food resources to various addresses of beneficiaries in need, including asylum and refugee housing centre. We are grateful to all donor, both financial and in kind. The project would not be possible without the donations of food we distribute and the grants that help us meet the demanding costs of running the Project.

If you live in Liverpool area and interested in receiving donated food resources, you can access this service by click on the link below.  

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