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Apr 5, 2018

Is there a good prayer for stupidity?

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Is there a good prayer for stupidity?

Not that I want more stupidity, and I will live with what  I have, but is there a good prayer of warning not to use it to the extent I do sometimes?

I am in such pain! I know better yet "stupid" takes over, and I  say so what that you are alone and the seven foot tall china hutch with the heavy glass doors is too much for one person to move never mind take out of the house. Get it out of the house and ready it for the trash truck if someone doesn't take it with it's FREE sign taped to it anyway. Just do it, go ahead. And I do.

Then I painted three hundred sixty square feet of ceilings,  removed carpet tack tracking and base cove from two rooms, put a second coat of wall trim paint on two rooms.

And; as I was bending over trying to get some extra paint on the area where the base cove had been, it happened. That old "I got ya!" lower back pain. Can't straighten up,  can't walk, can't take a shoe off, can't get to the pain pills- have to yell like an idiot a near dying groan to my bride for help.

 Now I am in an upright chair, spouse has brought me a computer to play with. I am on the pills,  packed in ice and contemplating over fifty years of stupid. One with a once broken back,  and torn everything, probably shouldn't push the limits. It is stupid to do so thinking, hey this time I'll get by okay nothing will happen.

Anyway it is obvious to me that I will never get smart regarding such things, and so I wonder, is there a good prayer for stupidity?


Any help appreciated.


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Stupidity: a behaviour that lacks good sense or judgement.

Since man’s judgement is often contrary to God’s judgement, it is appropriate to always pray for God’s leading in everything. There is no good or bad prayer when asking God’s help. Due to man’s often wrong judgement, All prayers made to God seek help against stupidity.

Therefore go ahead and ask for his leading in your daily life that you may make good and right judgements in your life.

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